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We want to hear what you think. We want to know if you have questions. We even want to hear if you have a complaint – truly. Pick whichever way works best for you:

Give Us a Call
920.422.6300 – during the season -May thru Oct –  Every day but Tuesday. We take Tuesdays off whenever possible. The rest of the week, we get many, many calls so chances are you will have to leave a message. We will call back as soon as possible.

During our off season – we are hibernating – well, some of us are. The rest are working at River Tyme Bistro in Appleton. So calling there will get you to a live person, 920-903-1415 or you can email us. We will be fresh and rested and happy to see you in May!


Visit us in person (May-Oct) at our boat locations or (all year) at River Tyme Bistro 425 W Water St in Appleton. If you come to the Bistro, it’s best to come during mid-afternoon so we aren’t running during a meal rush.


Send us an email message using the form to the right.

Snail mail can be sent to the Bistro.

Thank You!
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